It's official! We're finally Climate Active-certified!

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Alex Stathakis
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At Conversio our job is to help our clients find their own path to carbon neutrality. And even though we’ve always worked continuously to measure and reduce our own impact on the climate, we knew it was time that we had a third-party independently certify our work.

We chose Climate Active because their certification underlines our commitment to sustainability, reducing our GHG emissions, and supporting robust environmental projects. And the Climate Active logo helps our clients recognise the standard that we hold ourselves to, as well.

But we also chose them because for us it was about going full circle. As many of you know, I’m a former analyst for Low Carbon Australia Limited (now the CEFC) and played a central role in delivering the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard Carbon Neutral Program. So, for me, it was even more meaningful to experience running the program, and then have our own organisation certified under it as well.

We might not be the absolute first, but we like to remember the words of the iconic John Butler Trio, ‘It’s not who breaks the ribbon, boy. It’s how you get across.’

If you’re keen to get your own organisation on the path to carbon neutrality – get in touch. We’d love to help.

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