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What is Airport Carbon Accreditation?

Airport Carbon Accreditation is designed for airports of all sizes - and is a voluntary certification endorsed by both the European Civil AviationConference and EUROCONTROL that's formally supported by the EuropeanCommission, the UN Environment Program and the International Civil AviationOrganisation. The Airport Carbon Accreditation program gives airport operators a detailed, multi-step path with the ultimate objective of becoming carbon neutral or achieving net-zero.

Partnering with Conversio, you can achieve your Airport CarbonAccreditation and accomplish the three core benefits of the program:

  • Show your commitment to reducing the global amount of annually reported greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Start influencing and supporting relevant stakeholders who are intent ona chieving emission reductions.
  • Receive an independent third-party certification that your airport can leverage in B2B and B2C communications.

Why seek accreditation?

Better manage your energy consumption

It is good practice for every airport to optimise energy consumption.This isn't limited to just terminals and runways but also includes tenants, contractors and other non-aeronautical areas - such as the retail facilities within your airport. Airport Carbon Accreditation helps you to better understand your energy consumption, associated GHG emissions and costs, including emissions-related charges.

To meet stakeholder expectations

Institutional investors, such as superannuation funds and banks, continually assess an airport's risk profile. Airport Carbon Accreditation helps them understand and evaluate your profile - with your plan to transition to net-zero. Consumers also see airports as the "face of aviation". By implementing an Airport Carbon Accreditation strategy, your communication steam will have PR and marketing messages that connect with your passengers.

To meet industry standards and TCFD recommendations

Although the Airport Carbon Accreditation program is voluntary, it has quickly become a must-have and industry best practice. The Airport CarbonAccreditation program also supports participating airports to disclose descriptions of the board's oversight of and management's role in assessing and managing climate change-related issues

6 Levels of Certification

A process of continual improvement and partnership with airport stakeholders.


Level 1 accreditation requires the airport to have a policy commitment to emission reductions, as well as a carbon footprint of scope 1 & 2 emissions.


To become accredited at Level 2, airports also need to formulate an emissions reduction target, demonstrate emission reductions, and develop a carbon management plan.


Level 3 includes all the requirements of Levels 1 and 2, and expands the scope to engaging tenants, airlines and other stakeholders, and measure their carbon emissions (scope 3).


At Level 3+, all requirements of Level 3 must be met. Additionally, an airport will need to offset its residual scope 1 and 2 emissions, as well emissions from staff travel.


At Level 4, airports must align their carbon management ambition with the Paris Agreement and achieve absolute emissions reductions, while also actively driving their stakeholder engagement.


In addition to the requirements of Level 4, at Level 4+, airports need to offset the residual emissions over which the airport has control.

We are leading airport carbon accreditation experts

Alex Stathakis

As one of Australia's leading experts in Airport Carbon Accreditation, we understand the inner workings of your airport's operations - and are best positioned to provide practical, efficient solutions. Conversio's Director,Alex Stathakis, is one of only a handful of approved Airport CarbonAccreditation (ACA) program verifiers in Australia and the first in theAsia-Pacific region to be approved as a Level 4/4+ verifier. Our expertise means we're in a unique position to help your airport achieve Airport CarbonAccreditation and move towards carbon neutrality and/or net-zero GHG emissions.

Independent third-party verification

As part of the ACA application process, your airport's greenhouse gas inventory and, depending on the accreditation level chosen, carbon management and stakeholder plans must be independently verified by a third party such as Conversio.

Independent verification ensures transparency, completeness and accuracy- as we confirm the methods used for estimating emissions are sound and consistent with established methodologies. This gives you and your stakeholders the confidence that the reported information, statements and plans accurately represent your airport's efforts.

ACERT carbon footprint reports

As industry experts, we also establish your carbon footprint using theAirport Carbon & Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT), the Australian NationalGreenhouse & Energy Reporting Scheme, or New Zealand Measuring Emissions: A Guide for Organisations. We guide you through the process and ensure reliability and consistency in the information disclosed across different channels.

Collaborative administration for Levels 3 to 4+

Collaborative Environmental Management (CEM) is an effective way to bring together all the stakeholders at your airport - and includes airport operators, aircraft operators and air navigation service providers. CEM formalises collaboration so that stakeholders can easily set out and achieve a unified objective and minimise the environmental impact of their combined operations.

We can guide you through the process of setting up a CollaborativeEnvironmental Management (CEM) system that helps your airport and its stakeholders reduce greenhouse gas and noise emissions, which are common challenges for airports.

"Alex is an enthusiastic professional, easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss any matters and has in-depth understanding of carbon accounting and the Airport Carbon Accreditation program."

Leigh Gapp

Sustainability Manager, Adelaide Airport

“We can highly recommend Alex at Conversio - he has been a pleasure to deal with, very professional and knowledgeable, which certainly helped us navigate through the (sometimes complex) field of carbon offsets.”

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Jason Cronshaw

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"As an Airport we require accurate reporting detail and Conversio have consistently provided this year after year, building our understanding and empowering us with knowledge."

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Kirsten Leggett

Environment Manager, Hobart Airport

Expertise. On purpose.
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