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We help financial institutions eliminate investor pressure

Financial institutions play a crucial role in achieving the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. This is because they can manage capital flows for financing the required transformation towards a decarbonised industry. In addition, currently established policy programs and regulations at the European and national levels increasingly address financial institutions to make their climate warming impact measurable and transparent.

Partnering with Conversio, we help financial institutions that face increasing pressure from investors to disclose their portfolio climate impact and commit to climate targets.

  • Manage your climate risks and opportunities that relate to direct corporate activities and portfolio investment exposure.
  • Reduce the growing pressure to disclose your financed emissions footprint that results from your investment portfolio.
  • Understand and lead trends as financial firms are increasingly committing to specific reduction or net-zero targets.

Adoption of climate-related disclosure

Stay ahead of the carbon disclosure curve

Widespread adoption of climate-related disclosure is key to ensuring that impacts from climate change are effectively managed in business and investment. Conversio helps you communicate and stay ahead of global disclosure demands, educating investors on which companies are most at risk from climate change, which are best prepared, and which are taking action.

Accurate, consistent, and comparable emission data

To support the success of global carbon net neutrality by mid-century, public and private financial institutions must calculate their financed emissions using a harmonised carbon accounting methodology. Accurate, consistent, and comparable data on emissions and emissions reductions from financed investment projects is essential for financial institutions to set mitigation targets, devise plans to decarbonize their portfolios, and monitor progress

Demonstrate your forward-thinking

Ensuring concise, consistent, current and comparable climate disclosures will help companies to demonstrate responsibility better and smooth the transition to a low-carbon economy.Obtaining this data requires a harmonised carbon accounting method applicable across countries, companies, projects, materials, and products.

Partners for financial institutions

Certain standards for private financial institutions may lead to greater levels of carbon accounting harmonisation, without guaranteeing it. For example, by allowing only one core accounting framework like the GHG Protocol, PCAF's Global GHG Accounting and Reporting Standard for the Financial Industry increases the level of harmonisation.

However, since the standard and theGHG Protocol itself leave scope for variability in their methodologies, they do not guarantee harmonisation when standards and frameworks are relatively compatible. For example, the PCAF builds on the GHG Protocol, which is consistent with the TCFD and CDP for disclosing emissions and the Science-BasedTargets. However, the overall implementation of these standards and methods are not standardised or organised, and that's where we help.

Conversio gives you direction and clarity

There are as many as 400 climate initiatives in the financial sector, with many alternatives to the few mentioned above. But, as described by former Bank of England governor MarkCarney, this runs the risk of institutions "getting lost in the right direction." This risk drives the need to harmonise emissions accounting and disclosure, ensuring that reporting and tracking are comparable and consistent.

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